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1. Geek Squad - Charlotte

· 11 reviews

10221 Perimeter Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28216, United States

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Geek Squad: what do users think?
R H: There is never anyone in the store to wait on you no matter how long you wait and how many times you come back poor customer service in the cell phone area
floyd anderson: Great place to get your computer, phone, tv taking of, but Geek Squad is by appointments only no walk ins.
Bhuvan Upadhyay: Positive:Value
Chad Goff: Overall bad experience, must make appointment for a week or 2 away. Finally, you are greeted by a rude, burnt out, geek squad female and when asked to speed to Geek squad manager. He is overly rude as well. Customer service at Best Buy and Geek squad really sucks. Guess they will have time to think about their poor service when the last of the big box electronic stores goes under soon. Geek squad you could've done much better!☹
Almighty KI York: Positive:ProfessionalismSet up my Laptop and installed all apps that I needed
Cherieann Riley: One of my fave Best Buy stores. Usually not a long wait or line, everyone always helpful. I came in about an issue without an appointment, and they found a way to take care of me. Overall, just a great staff and a great store.
Darryl Mayes: I always come to geek squad and they are very helpful however my experience yesterday was not what it should’ve been.. I simply came in to have someone help me pull off the keyboard so that I could replace the battery.. I just didn’t wanna break it... a Caucasian , brown/ black haired older woman with glasses (sorry I don’t know her name) approached me with no concern for my issue at all.. she didn’t even look at my computer before telling me “that’s not the right, I’m sorry we can’t help you, have a good day” ..... I was so caught off guard .. I tried to explain that it was the right battery ... I literally have done this before ... I just couldn’t lift the keyboard (I later found out it was because there were 2 screws I forgot to take out). Her customer service was absolutely terrible.. every time I tried to explain what I needed help with she would cut me off and say “I’m sorry I’m not going to help you” ... to avoid cursing her out.. I left .. and complained to a manager. Idk what happened from there. I was very disappointed
Ivan Jonas: I ran over to Geek Squad as soon as my desktop stopped working. The friendly and helpful staff were able to help me identify the faulty part in just a few minutes, and since I didn't have to leave my machine in their care, the whole affair was completely free. This was my first experience with the Geek Squad, and it was truly 5-star.
Alma Gomez: They're pretty freaking awesome, super quick! Don't know the guys name but he looks like a Jonathan, well he was very helpful.
Justin Olson: Rude and completely unhelpful

2. Geek Squad - Charlotte



· 19 reviews

1055 Metropolitan Ave, Charlotte, NC 28204, United States

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Geek Squad: what do users think?
Karen Lewis: Very helpful
Josh Kell: Worst experience I've ever had with a company THEY did a repair on my laptop which caused more damage then refused to fix it they gave me some run around tactic about a warranty which doesn't matter they wasted my time by setting up a meeting with the manager who refused to see us but took the laptop and sent it to the wrong location who was trying to be helpful and send it to the right location which I can't get a hold of to approve the repairs that I would have to pay for so when I get my laptop back I will never associate with this conpany again which is very disappointing I liked this company even after they double charged us for the total tech program $400 they stole from us and I'm not even mad about that
Felisa Owens: The tech was awesome explaining everything I needed to know about my beautiful smart TV im good now
Katie Austin: Critical:ValueGeek Squad replaced my iPhone screen and 2 months later it has black lines streaking down the screen. They clearly did something wrong. If you get anything repaired here, get a warranty because I now have to waste another $200 to fix it properly. simple20: After buying some new electronics, we signed up with geek squad. When we have a problem or a difficulty with a computer, they can be a great help.
susana sull: Not receiving support
Janquenetta Parker: They couldn't handle my needs, the salesman could have been more pleasant.
Mary Frances Parker: Critical:Quality,ValueThey came to my house to fix my Apple laptop. The only thing they did is call Apple and get the exact same directions from Apple I had already gotten. Computer not fixed and absolute waste of time. They do not do anything other than exactly what you can do for yourself.
Laura Walker: I hired the Geek Squad to mount a new 55" UHDTV which turned out to be defective. Rather than rescheduling the appointment, the excellent Amanda & Brian went out of their way to go to the nearby Best Buy for a replacement and - because of this EXTRA SPECIAL service - they were able to complete the job in the committed time frame. I am impressed by their attention to customer service, their willingness to solve a problem, and their impeccable professionalism and knowledge. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Elaine P.: Excellent extremely helpful service.
Shunta Daniels: Randall Daniels at Geek Squad provided me with high quality customer service and phenomenal results by meeting a need in a quick manner! I definitely recommend his skilled service to others.
Gerald Gaddy: Excellent customer service every time!
Gina M: Quick and efficient service, agent was polite and very helpful!
David A Ruch: Took a laptop in for a clarification on reason it would not hold a charge. Adam worked with me to resolve the issue at no charge. Thanks. Great to know there is a place in town you can take a computer and get friendly customer service and solutions. Adam saved my Sunday afternoon.
Caleb Corbitt: Great place to get a computer fixed

3. Geek Squad - Charlotte

· 19 reviews

9839 Rea Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277, United States

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Geek Squad: what do users think?
Jay Jove: Did an excellent job mounting and installing TV
Ron Hooper: Worst Geek Squad Experience Ever. Dropped my pc off for a simple repair. Picked it up and one drive was missing and they had completely wiped the O/S and all apps. Interestingly I left a review on the best buy website and they filter the negative ones .. it never showed up on their system. Bad customer service, Horrible Tech Service and a Lack of Transparency in review. I no longer use this location.
Jean-Michael Harris: Critical:ResponsivenessDon't bother calling, I've been sitting the last few days an hour on hold each time multiple days through the week only to get hear someone pick up the phone and put it back down right away. I've called on 8 occasions over 6 days, nobody wants to help.
LJ: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,ResponsivenessDaniel was phenominal he literally heard me out then simply touched it and I am still speechless. Promote this guy because whatever he has you need to hold on to it
Deneen Rojas: The Ballantyne Best Buy Geeksquad is very good. They help you promptly without a long wait time and are very knowledgeable.
Neal McCann: I bought a Dell computer from Best Buy for my son. The computer stopped working after 6 months. Geek Squad kept it for over 3 months. They replaced the mother board, hard drive and battery and charged me for the repair. The computer stopped working again three months later. The store said that they didn’t have records and the computer was out of warranty. The manager will not return my calls. I will not buy or recommend anyone buy anything from this company!
Shelly Gaboury: Critical:Professionalism,Responsiveness
Augusta Adkins: My 92 year old mother paid for a Greek Squad warranty plan. for her TV she bought several months ago. The TV quit working and we turned in a claim.We have been lied to multiple times, rescheduled and no idea what they are doing or when. This is what she paid for??Hard to believe they are that irresponsible.Hard to believe they are doing this to an elderly woman.
Albeir Dandelareo: They talk to you like they are favoring you and rude before they know what here for 1st they say you have an appointment not counting big fat guy B.I.G looking came out of no where talking about we can't help you that was yesterday Sunday July 17th overall don't let them help you or anything only if they got money out of you they can help other than go somewhere so highly I don't recommand Geeksquad
Skxnny On 2k: They are goated like I really like your place because they have a lot of Xbox gift cards
Sean Carlin: Made an appointment to have my iPhone screen replaced under warraty. Arrived 40 minutes before my appointment time, told I would have to wait because they could be working on another phone and they didn’t want to interrupt that to start working on mine until my appointment time. I waited 40 minutes, they called me back up to the counter where it took the guy 15 minutes just to fumble through the computer and put my information in. I’ve then asked how long it would take to replace the screen and said they would Try and have it ready in 5 1/2 hours. What was the point of having an appointment, and then making me wait for my appointment time to hand my phone to them if it’s going to take five hours to replace a screen that someone else can do in 15 minutes.UPDATE: I had my screen replaced at the Apple store, it took 60 minutes. They also told me that Best Buy absolutely SHOULD NOT have requested I remove all passwords and give them the phone unlocked. Nice try Best Buy, you are not stealing my pics and contacts this time!
Twinata Henry: Staff is always pleasant. Best pastries around!
Lou Baratz: GREAT service. Problem solved with courtesy and professionalism and smiles!
todd gardner: My recent experience having my laptop repaired was excellent. Agents Tyler and Steven were absolutely fantastic. The job was finished in a very short time, and was done right the first time. I have had similar great experiences when Geek Squad has come to my home.
Benjamin Valyou: We had a computer that was suffering from frequent program crashes. We brought it to them to check it out, thinking it was a problem with the graphics card, but they told us it was a software problem. “You’re running unreliable software.”We replaced the graphics card with the same model from a different manufacturer on our own, and the problem went away. Thanks Geek Squad.
Bekah Turbeville: Absolutely loved Geek Squad at this location! They have been super helpful many times. They replaced the hardware in my tablet when it melted in my car. I went in on a Saturday without an appointment and they took care of me immediately. they have also been really good at explaining everything that they do to my devices.

4. Geek Squad - Charlotte

· 9 reviews

14125 Rivergate Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28273, United States

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5. Best Buy - Charlotte

· 2216 reviews

10221 Perimeter Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28216, United States

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Best Buy: what do users think?
Nataliya: Friendly. Resolved my issue, which makes me super happy. Need assistance in computing - I had to wait - while two employees paged someone to that area. No one showed up to help. After 15 min of waiting, I asked for the help of an associate from the adjacent area.
Kevin Fowler: I was having trouble with a printer went in with out an appointmentGuy worked me in and took care of itHowever there was a lot of people going to the repair deskSuggest that you try to make a appointment
joe Pelham: I was very impressed with my sales guy, mad at myself for not writing his name down. The Dell Rep actually swayed my purchase. Wish I had written his name as he was fantastic.
Don Folz: Ordered online. Received text notification that purchase was ready for pick-up. Easy parking and access to store. Showed text purchase confirmation to the service attendant. Service attendant helped me load purchase into back of vehicle. In-and-out in under 8 minutes.
AJx 7: Even though I spent almost a grand here. It was truly a terrible experience. They straight up lied saying they couldn't sell a protection plan for the monitor I bought, instead I'd have to pay for a yearly membership. I went home, looked it up online and thankfully support was nice enough to add the 4 year plan for less than the one year membership.
Tyler Vanhoy: TL;DR- This store tried to upsell me on a TV when I found an open box deal I wanted online and proceeded to break the only one they had in stock, then tried to upsell me again after breaking it.---I found a TV online (TCL Series 5 55") that I wanted and this store (Northlake Charlotte) had one open box in excellent condition. I made the 45 minute (one way) trip there, driving past another Best Buy, for that specific TV. I walked in, knowing what I wanted and found someone to help me. Of the three people I spoke to, they all tried to upsell me on a "better TV." One guy moreso than the other two.The TV was displayed along the wall and in the process of taking it down, it was bumped against the lift vehicle the guy was standing on. They did not attempt to verify that they had not damaged the TV and proceeded to bubble wrap it and send me on my way. When I got home, the TV screen was cracked and broken exactly where it had hit the lift, so I wasted another 45 minute trip to take it back.Once back at the store, I was told they don't have another one of that model (which I already knew), but to go pick out a similar TV with one of the team members. He told me the next model up of the same TV (TCL Series 6 55") was the closest they had, since they no longer stock the Series 5. The manager told me that I'd have to pay the difference ($150) despite THEM breaking the original TV. At the end of the day I had him refund my money, which he did, but now I don't have the TV I wanted, which was the whole point of me driving out of my way to this specific Best Buy.I won't purchase from this Best Buy again and will try to avoid Best Buy in general. I firmly believe they damaged the TV in order to upsell me a different product, as the guy who damaged it was the one trying the hardest to upsell me originally.
D C: They couldn't help me with my older items.
Tony Coleman: Found the product I needed easily. The store was clean & well lit. The staff was friendly & helpful.
Schae Kelly: Love this BestBuy location. They usually have everything in stock and their employees are always very helpful and friendly.
Leissy Nereyda Quispe: I haven't been to a Best Buy in probably about a year or 2. They have done some major remodeling. It looks very upscale now. I went to get a laptop and was in and out from there.
Nancy Chesser: Ordered online. Drop off old printer and scanner inside at the Recycle center. Outside in the lockers, I picked up my order, and we were on our way.
James Mohundro: No one can explain why I was charged twice for purchase. Bought a $235.00 microwave for my step daughter but they held an additional $235.00 from my bank account. I paid with a debit card (cash) It has been 5 days and I was told that the second charge would be returned in 5 days (without an explanation as to why because I COULDN'T UNDERSTAND A WORD THEY WERE SAYING!!!!!!!!) DON'T ORDER ANYTHING ONLINE TO PICK UP IN STORE UNLESS YOU HAPPEN TO HAVE EXTRA MONEY LYING AROUND!!!!) I can only imagine if I had bought a $1,000.00 TV. I'd be out $2,000.00 until they decided to return the 2nd processing charge.
ken m: What is it with these electronic stores that the customer service is usually bleep poor? Walked in and NO ONE even acknowledged my existence!
RROCKY DOG: My partner needed a laptop. When we arrived, we couldn't find anyone in that particular department. When someone did arrive, he was busy assisting others. An other associate arrived and helped us. We made our purchase and left.
Ali Amer: Good
Nathaniel Lee: They're okay. A little pricey but okay they had what I needed
Heather Walker: Always horrible service at this location. 4th and last time here!
HPad (Hunter): Great Location! The guy in the computer hardware section was nice and friendly and quickly got what I needed
Itsa me: Easy in and out service ❤
Israel Hahn: Great location and the help is unmatched to other locations
Jonathan (Franchise4Mia): Walked in, got what I needed. Went to check out, started self checkout and somebody walked up to check me out, great service

6. Best Buy - Charlotte

· 1406 reviews

14125 Rivergate Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28273, United States

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Best Buy: what do users think?
Devon Phillips: Wouldn’t do a return on an apple MacBook charger. Still in the box with a digital receipt. I purchased it 5 weeks ago, but I travel for work so it was outside the 14 day return policy. I called customer service online. They told me to go back to the store and ask for the store manager. His name was Brent and he was able to do store credit. I told him I’m even willing to take $10 it’s $75 charger but it doesn’t fit the MacBook so it worthless to me. I really appreciate everyone’s professionalism at this store. Next time I’ll try to do returns day of purchase. :)
Gretchen Wilkerson: Terrible customer service experience! Employees did not acknowledge or try to assist customers. I waited 15 minutes while two employees ignored me as they fumbled around on a register and phone. Three other customers and I walked out sharing the same frustration. Ultimately I went next door to Office Max and purchased the item.
Steve Johnson: It's Best Buy. Great technical support
Delano Brooks (LIFTusUp): Satisfied
Darrin Long: Hard to get someone to help you in Best Buy anymore.
Sabrina Sutton: Great customer service from tech support. Friendly, professional and knowledgeable.
e fg: Too expensive, they have a very limited selection of computer parts.
Tony Merino: Great customer service
matt Unknown: Worst customer service I have experienced to date,going on day 2 on waiting on my online order to be picked up they still don't have it after informing me I could pick it up in 1hr and customer service keeps saying in 30mins u will receive an email with pickup information, well two days lost and a camping trip over this garbage customer service they still don't know when it will be ready ......SMH we will never do buissnes with worst buy ever
Rock Master: It really changed and its really great now
DJ SiReeL: Great Help and easy to find what you need and want.
alpha jash: Should try
Margaret Ely: The will always assist in finding what you need.
Yoel Source: Open
Nerie Clark: Awful service. Sales people act like you are bothering them
joan kennedy: Limited supply on smartphone clip covers for iPhone 14.
None Required: This location had what I needed and stock. The gentleman to have stationed at the front of the store was kind and help me get what I needed quickly. This review is based on my purchase and the return of a couple of the items on the receipt. On both instances I have the same cashier assist me. When I made the purchase I had to ask for a bag even though my items were small. He told me I could have one but that was a pretty small transaction to need a bag. I'm sorry but I'm not a fan of just randomly carrying stuff in my hands out of the store. Then he proceeded to give me a bag that was ridiculously large for the size of the items that I had. Then when I returned a couple of the items he asked me if the flash drive was wiped and I replied that it was then he asked me if I was sure. I decided to bite my tongue and tell him that he is welcome to look if he would like to. Then once he completed the return he asked me if I really needed a receipt or not. I told him I would absolutely like a and he begrudgingly printed me one. Not sure if he just has poor people skills or what but I do not recommend this location unless you're just doing curbside pickup
Leonard S: They were so helpful and I was in and out! Great service!!!
dine LJA: The print staff was especially accommodating and helped me with my printing and scanning. She was both professional and personable
Timothy G: Great staff, great place to shop.

7. Best Buy - Charlotte

· 1276 reviews

9839 Rea Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277, United States

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Best Buy: what do users think?
Harvey Worrell: The staff was great. Took their time with me to make sure I had everything I wanted and needed.
Patti Moore-Weber: I purchased a $1,000.00 42" LG TV at this location for next day delivery. This store uses Shopt as a local delivery option. The TV WAS NEVER DELIVERED although SHOPT sent me a text that it was delivered with no way to contact them by phone. There was NO accompanying picture in the Shopt text. I contacted Best Buy Blakeney store immediately and am still working to have this matter resolved. I'm hours into this fiasco. I have made multiple calls and a store visit. This is a BEST BUY vendor issue not a customer issue. I have been advised by Best Buy that they have a large number of open delivery cases being investigated that has delayed their ability to resolve my issue. Business 101 Best Buy, use a reputable delivery service or require a customer signature for your deliveries.
Laura Bauer: I have purchased the last five phones for my family through best buy; but that was the last one. Unless you enjoy the experience of buying a used car and fending off constant up-sell attempts, you will be frustrated quickly. They even wanted to charge 80.00 for initiating a data transfer.
John Lawrence: Mike was very helpful with getting a TV and sound bar.
Roman Nagibin: Great store with a big variety of electronics and members who are there to help you. Unfortunately we had a very long wait for the checkout. First we got to the checkout and there was no one there, we waited for a little bit and then went to customer service. There was only one person in front of us (without any items in their hands) and it took us around 7 minutes to leave the store, because even with our 2 items and cash in hand it took a long time for the cashier to process it.
Joel Fuentes estilista: Exelente
Karla Darlak: Staff is friendly, place is very neat
R oze Dorfman: All was just perfect and the entire staff was super helpful!Seems like more help now. All is great , fabulous staff but still needs more helpHopefully at some point they will.
Lindi Makuve: Maleek was amazing and went over and above in his service. He was patient, professional and accommodating. He did a great job mounting our TV on our deck and had great and practical suggestions on the placement. I highly recommend him!!
DESPITE: good quality store
Jeremy Amis: It's bestbuy.... you know what you get.
Darrel Glankler: Geek Squad rocks!
Joshua Fairbaugh: It's fine. A normal best buy.
Paula Hedrick: Always impressed at how employees at this store go above and beyond to be helpful and make sure customers are satisfied.
Volodymyr Melnyk: Дуже приємні ціни!
Maria Ford: It was good, but they could use more floor assistance during the week. Walked around for 10 minutes before I could get someone attention to help.
chinz onebox: Worst place for tech issues. Appointment at 1.40pm. 3hrs and nothing yet. Not staffed at all. I HATE that they have staff but no one to help. How can a drop off of a repair take 3hrs. So so wrong
Chuck Roast: I have made many visits to this Best Buy solely because it's conveniently located. I've rarely left with a purchase however, because the floor clerks, and that is all they are, usually have zero knowledge about Best Buy products. They're very polite and quick to offer assistance, which is usually limited to the phrases, "l don't know", and "l have no idea." So l locate the item I'm interested in on my own, read the box, and then buy it on Amazon from a different vendor.
M Miller: One of the few box stores I still frequent. Hopefully they don't go the way of media play. They've obviously cut staff, so respect to the people on the floor. They're pretty friendly and helpful here, even though it seems like most are doing double duty. Give em a little respect.
John Tullis: Best Buy stocks in decline? I wonder if it's related to this kind of behavior. I wanted to buy 10 monitors (they had 30 in stock) and the manager told me I could only buy 2. I had the money on hand. When I pressed him on why, he said it was his discretion, not any company policy. This has soured my experience and I won't go back to Best Buy.
Alanna Greer: Our salesman Tim was super polite and helpful. He assisted us with finding a new TV that fit our home size and helped us find ways to expand our budget via store credit. Thank you Tim!!

8. Best Buy - Charlotte

· 1751 reviews

1055 Metropolitan Ave, Charlotte, NC 28204, United States

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Best Buy: what do users think?
Joel Martin: Call disconnected in the first 60 seconds as soon as I gave the rep my phone number. Now i have to wait on hold for 22 minutes.... Not caller ID?
john hurtig: Fast pickup. Friendly team
J Ashley: Can always find what I'm looking for at Beat Buy!
Nayan Videos: We can find all kinds of electronics. Advisors were really friendly and gave good info. We purchased apple macbook.
Mark Winston: Good customer service
J. Nykol: It's a best buy but not always the best buys or service
Ivonne Bermúdez: In this place, they have wonderful attention.
Eleven: A pain to get in and out with the parking situation. Then, I am the only customer in line for the register and it takes what seemed like about 10 minutes before they were able to check me out. Not a great experience.
Shawn Cox: Great customer service. Alejandro helped me with his manager to get a return done on a gift that I purchased that was technically not returnable and issued me store credit. This was very helpful and just what I needed!
Stephanie Bohanan: Went in multiple times to pick up an order I placed with samsung. I hate giving less than 5 stars, but probably should be lower than 4. Firstly, there is no one to greet you, unless the police office is sitting at the front desk area right when you walk in, and there are employees walking around, but they don't acknowledge you either. I followed the directions on my email, and proceeded to the pickup orders desk, after about 7 mins with ZERO looks, questions, words from anyone at the other desk (customer service desk) I thought to myself, I bet I'm in the wrong area, maybe they do it differently. So I left, went and found someone. He appeared to be a manager. I just asked, " hey, I have a pickup order, am I in the wrong place, because no one has been by and the line at the other desk is getting quite long haha"? He apologized, told me I was at the right one and let me know it's because they are short staffed and had multiple call ins that day. He went over to the desk and did, in fact, get my order to me, I just can't stand the excuses. It takes nano seconds to say, hey, I'll be right with you, or hey, I'll send someone over. I never mind waiting. Ever. I mind waiting with zero updates. Because if you don't speak up, or advocate for yourself, then they would say, oh, I wish you had of told me, or let someone know. Well, we wish you would train people to say, hey, I'll get someone for you. 🤣 but, regardless, it was picked up and everyone makes mistakes. I know how retail goes and dealing with people sucks. But at the same time, when you're the one getting paid to do the work, there shouldn't be airpodsrt in your ear, you should not expect customers to move for YOU, and you should acknowledge people first. That is , of course, every place now, Not just here. They will make amazing fathers day gifts and birthday presents! And glad I was able to pick them up at a store.
Tiffani Koors: Heather was professional and extremely helpful
Karimah Salaam: Thank you Reuben for suggesting the correct Jlab Go Air Sport earbuds for me you're the best. It's been 2 days, and I enjoy them they are perfect for me. Thank you to the staff for your excellent customer service and for being diligent in serving the customers. The consistency in this store is a breath of fresh air. It is very well organized, and everyone speaks and engages the customers. The staff offers to help even if you are just looking or looking confused someone will notice, and ask to assist you, and as a consumer in these days, and times it feels good to be welcomed when you come into an establishment and the patience of the staff. Keep up the great work thank you very much
Anthony Cisternas: Parking underground or on the street. A lot more parking underground where the Best Buy is connected to. Loading dock next to for picking up larger items. Store is organized. Missing some items from display.
LaTonya Frazier: Waiting so long for someone to help change my mind on buying anything took my business elsewhere
Cristian Betancur: Muy bueno el lugar para comprar electrodomésticos
Michael Sharpton: Shelves are bare, employees are none existent
Lawrence Dickerson: Took an item I purchased online and was told they cant support it since they dont sell it anymore. On top of it, spent an hour and after talking with bestbuy online- who said they should honor it- the "manager" who refused to speak with me said that its not covered and that is final. Oddly, I called bestbuy support again and they assigned it to another store to support me and guess what that store helped! Unreal! The geek squad support and "manager" in the uptown location are out of touch. Best to avoid this place for your support needs. However, overall, Bestbuy is great- this store though- looks nice but garbage customer support.
SupremeDev “DEVMADEIT”: Friendly youthful customer service team; knowledgeable and great communication skills for 21st century technology. Very fast and kind.
Greg Konney: Not a very well stocked Store.Nobody was interested in helping us
Dwyane Patrick: The young man that gave me my pick up was very nice
hammad Memon: Very nice 👍

9. Geek Squad - Pineville

· 10 reviews

10600 Centrum Pkwy, Pineville, NC 28134, United States

Address Website WhatsApp
Geek Squad: what do users think?
Tee Gee: Delish excellent service and food!
Nicole O'Neill: Terrible experience. Sent one of my computers there to fix and got it back broken.
Daniel Faulkner: Critical:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,Value0/5 stars. Absolutely horrible service. I need customer service to call me. Customers beware of sending your products to this location.
james: Couldn't get them on phone or get anyone at help desk
Cori Dauda: Quickly diagnosed my phone issue and fixed my cracked screen the same day. Great service!!
DR. TYGER TREZ: Yep... okay
Felishia W: I just want to say that you all need more Romans. He was very helpful in a very frustrating time. Roman's patience and level of expertise was just want I needed. He is truly an asset to the Squad.
Marnette Zuchel: Bought a new Sony TV at Best Buy with free installation. The Geek Squad came out and did the wall mount installation, set up my TV and showed me all the options. They were professions, courteous, and patient with all my questions.

10. Geek Squad - Matthews

· 21 reviews

2109 Matthews Township Pkwy, Matthews, NC 28105, United States

Address Website WhatsApp

11. The GRID - Charlotte

· 984 reviews

5301 Wilkinson Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28208, United States

Address Website WhatsApp

12. Your Local Game Store - Mint Hill

· 305 reviews

6908 Matthews-Mint Hill Rd #350, Mint Hill, NC 28227

Address Website WhatsApp

13. GameStop - Charlotte

· 231 reviews

4704 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28217, United States

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Geek Squad - Concord

· 22 reviews

8210 Concord Mills Boulevard, Concord, NC 28027, United States

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