Best Stores To Buy Women's Sweatshirts Charlotte Near Me

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1. 704 Shop - Charlotte

路 63 reviews

STE 140, 4756, 1616 Camden Rd, Charlotte, NC 28203, United States

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2. Nike Factory Store - Charlotte



路 1076 reviews

5518 New Fashion Way Suite 590, Charlotte, NC 28278

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3. Nordstrom - Charlotte

路 1203 reviews

4400 Sharon Rd, Charlotte, NC 28211

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Nordstrom: what do users think?
Elizabeth Mendoza: I always buy at Nordstrom. It is very easyto find what I need and, always the employees are willing to help. I love to shop at Nordstrom.
Dylan DeFranco: Great selection and staff
Vishal Reddy: I don鈥檛 know why Nordstrom associates here are rude?
Satyajit Patidar: Good collection of high end products
Taylor Peterson: Alfonso was the absolute best today!! I went in completely unsure of what I wanted and he was kind, generous and incredibly knowledgable on the subject of perfumes. He gave excellent suggestions and made me feel comfortable and excited to continue on my scent journey! Thank you Alfonso!
Jeanna Martin: Great customer service. Will be back.
Mary Chase Stewart: I came in the other day to find a dress for a party and Amoy was amazing and such a huge help!! Helped me find so many different dresses to try on was super sweet too!
Dot: I love sampling perfume at this location specifically. Very friendly/helpful staff and they don鈥檛 pester you. They have a large variety of perfumes and colognes to test out, majority of them being higher end fragrances.
David Rinehart: Only if you can afford their stuff
Jeanette Brognano: P0
Loreley Banchik: I love shopping at Nordstrom for men
Inez Eldewek: Nordstrom is my to go store fur high end brand names. Friendly staff!
Kenya Hairston: Nice staff. Clean dressing rooms. Very fancy
Mery M: Nordstrom has luxury brands for handbags, shoes, accessories, makeup, etc. They carry different brands as well. Their clothing selection are trendy and chic. Employees were attentive.
Brian Zaph: Happy Mothers Day!
Don Fant: Always nice
Pat Able: I went there for a job fair I was in disbelief in the difference in what was advertised and what they were actually hiring a few positions to fill and the people doing the interviewing were wearing jeans this is not the company I thought they were very disappointed
Fudge Brown: South Park mall in Charlotte NC, I really like this store and mall.
Juan Carlos Murillo: 5 star the staff is very friendley
Doug Robinson: Overpriced, in need of a redo. The whole all looks stuck in the 80's
H茅ctor Andr茅s Noguera Ortiz: Fue una meada satisfactoria鈥 馃槄

4. Girl Tribe - Charlotte

路 130 reviews

1800 Camden Rd #102, Charlotte, NC 28203

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Girl Tribe: what do users think?
Sydney Farrell: Rose was absolutely amazing and so helpful!!
deangelo pack: Chj just a reminder that
Greg Steele: I wasn鈥檛 going to leave a review until I saw other 1 star reviews with similar experiences as mine. I stopped in here with my family on a very slow day, when nobody else was in the store. We were mainly there to browse and see what it was all about. As soon as we entered the store, a worker (which I now believe to be the owner) came up beside us and pretended to be checking stuff on the racks as she followed us around the store. We were only in the store for about a minute or so when she lowered her shoulder and checked me from behind into one of the racks. I was just standing there holding my 1 year old daughter when it happened. I said excuse me when it happened thinking maybe I backed into her, but nope, she straight up checked me. Thinking that was very strange I started to watch her and she looked at me and rolled her eyes in disgust. I don鈥檛 know if she just didn鈥檛 want us in her store or what, but a simple smile and passive aggressive behavior would have been better than actually hitting a potential customer with your shoulder. After that I told my family we needed to leave the store and explained to them outside what had happened. I don鈥檛 ever leave bad reviews, especially for small businesses, but this experience was like no other.
Becca Ries: Never been to the actual store but have bought a few things online from them and it's always been amazing quality and the cutest items!
Ariadna Ramirez Guerrero: Cute store, but I went to buy a hair clip that was labeled $14.99 but they over charged me more than $3. When I brought this up, since mistakes happen they said no returns so I couldn鈥檛 get my money back. But rather in store credit. Now this was my fist time ever purchasing something here and there was no sign anywhere about no returns or any policy. I thought to myself well I鈥檓 never shopping here again because why do you have one low price and then charge up the customers? This is wrong. I understood tho that it was not worth the fight since my friend was also purchasing something so thankfully I let her use what was on the gift card.I mean it鈥檚 2023, get a better system.Only reason I gave two stars is because the staff was kind, it鈥檚 just the store鈥檚 policies that didn鈥檛 make any sense.
Bella Mjornie: Really happy with the whole experience. I loved the Taylor Swift items they had. They are also VERY size inclusive. From small to 3XL. Great customer service as well!!!
Caitlin Duff: Sarah and her team went above and beyond for me after I had an issue with my order. They took the time to offer a solution and welcomed customer feedback. The shirts are great quality as they use qualify comfort colors shirts and they print the shirts themselves in house. These shirts are not mass produced and have both high quality image resolution and font. I would definitely recommend checking out their locations for some fun shirts or ordering online (if you have the extra time).
courtney pinkston: Do not order from them if you are needing your order quickly. They say they can ship out within 5 days.. took them 8 days to get to mine! It wouldn鈥檛 have been an issue but I needed mine for the TSWIFT concert. They also won鈥檛 let you cancel your order after taking so long to get it shipped! I鈥檓 sure their stuff is cute and great quality, but do not expect it in a timely manner.
Alanah Sastre: Love. Love. Love Girl Tribe! The employee are all so nice and helpful! They have so many good thing in this store!!
Cynthia Perry (Oldlady60): Very lovely boutique.I went there prior to the Panther fanfest due to the fact that they were featured on Charlotte Morning Break.I purchased 3 Panthers stickers for my clear tote.I found the items in the boutique fashionable.The customer service was great.
Amy melheim: Rose and Bella were incredibly helpful and sweet! Love all the items I purchased! I will definitely be back!!
Nathalie Espina: Cute outfits but a bit overpriced
Mad Rad: Just wanted to shout out Reagan for her amazing customer service and excellent communication! She went above and beyond to help me & I seriously couldn鈥檛 be more grateful! Thank you Girl Tribe & Reagan for being my go to boutique! Xoxo
Lauren Roth: These stores are just the cutest! And the women who work there are so warm and welcoming. I love how often they get in new items and my favorite part about this company is their fun spin on socially relevant swag. It's a definite must visit!
P C: We bought a shirt for my daughter on 12/12. She opened it on Christmas morning and they won't let me exchange it for the correct size. Says it's past the refund policy. It's in the same month and it was a Christmas gift. Do they expect people to open gifts right away? Never again!!!
Jennifer Sears: With the exception of a new employee Rose at the south end store I am not impressed with the customer service. I received a gift card as a form of a store credit and nobody seemed to know at any of the stores until I got to the south end store that it could only be used online. Rose who is a new employee took the initiative to suggest to the general manager that we void it and offer a store credit. In my opinion good service would be give one the ability to use a credit at any of the stores and if not all employees should be aware of the policy, not sent on a wild goose chase to use it at other locations, only to find out that it can only be used online. I have been in customer service my whole life on many platforms and this is not convenient for the shopper nor is it good service. Thank you,Rose.
Emily DeSalvatore: Girl tribe is the best. The staff is giving 鈥渃ool older sister鈥 vibes with the best advice and so welcoming. Rose and Sarah were an absolute delight today. I can鈥檛 wait to come back.From clothes to accessories It鈥檚 all high quality well priced and on trend. Love love love!
Cassidy: I ordered online and received my crewneck and cup within 5 days! I was surprised to see it so quickly, but very happy of course. Love the quality and can鈥檛 wait to show of my 鈥渘urse鈥 crewneck. Highly recommend. Plus I got a pretty good deal on Cyber Monday!
Phil P.: Cute shop. Nice options and the service was great.
Hunter Hall: I had a really great time going to this store for the first time a couple of weeks ago while visiting Charlotte from Nashville. The store itself is so cute and I love all the pink and the tile outside of it!! Hollie helped me pick out 2 fall sweaters, the cutest jacket that I have been wearing everyday, a pair of corduroy pants, and a key chain. I鈥檝e gotten a ton of compliments and told probably a dozen people to look at the girl supply website now! Love the Dolly line especially - she is a huge part of TN and especially Nashville culture and it was fun to see her represented.I have two young kids so clothes shopping can be really stressful for me now because of how clothes fit me differently, but I felt very supported and beautiful after shopping with Hollie (: she encouraged me to invest in my self & in feeling confident.
Hayley Johnson: I鈥檝e had a great experience every time I walk into Girl Tribe! The store is so cute and the staff is very welcoming. They always have new merchandise and events to keep coming back for. I highly recommend attending one of their pop-ups- they are genuinely fun and you can tell a lot of time goes into planning them! Thank you guys for your hard work.

5. Glory Days Apparel - Charlotte

路 16 reviews

1425 Winnifred St Suite 107, Charlotte, NC 28203

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Glory Days Apparel: what do users think?
Tom Pauley: Great clothes! Have multiple polos, tees, and a hoodie. Highly recommend.
Charlotte 鈥淐harlie鈥 Merlock: The owner is very friendly! I love the apparel here. Easy way to rep our city and look good. Especially happy with the pride collection.
Olivia Merlock: Hands down to best CLT repping company in the QC. The material of their merchandise is 10/10 made, very durable and just by feeling it you know it's long lasting. My wife and I are lifelong fans of Glory Days! Keep up the great work, fam!
kareem jibrin: I鈥檓 from Raleigh and currently live in Dallas, but everytime I go visit charlotte I must stop at this place. The shirts are so unique and the designs are crazy, definitely worth your money.
Sean L: A little bit pricey but they do have fantastic designs and it is a local business. I wish they had PJ Walker t shirt designs because I would love to buy one! Instead they had a ton of baker mayfield shirts which I hope are 90% off now that the panthers let him go haha But they also sold unique charlotte FC apparel too!
Vanessa Rabito: Glory Days is a great one stop shop for the entire fam鈥檚 apparel. Incredible quality shirts/sweaters and wonderful staff.
Cody Hughes: Words can never describe the feeling of a Glorydays shirt. They鈥檙e so soft that they actually promote sleep from being so cozy. I had to quit wearing them to the office due to the extreme comfort levels coaxing me into unintentional naps. If you need any local sports team gear, and you love top notch comfys there isn鈥檛 another place in Charlotte to consider.
Katie Betz: Not only does Glory Days Apparel have the best vintage inspired and Charlotte themed gear, but JD and the rest of the staff are super friendly and helpful. Good luck picking just one or two of their awesome designs.
Abby Eubanks: They truly have some of the best customer service around and the best tshirt designs! Can鈥檛 wait to see what else they drop
Brian O'Neal: Really cool place to get some souvenir shirts. Nice mix of retro looking shirts as well as some cool designs. The guy working there was super nice. Definitely worth a stop if you're looking to get some Charlotte clothes....
Kate M.: Absolutely love GDA!! The staff is always amazing and their apparel is 馃敟馃敟馃敟. JD and his crew always help you find what you need and drop the best designs!! Definitely recommend you follow them on insta & their other socials to see when new things are coming!
Colt Atkinson: The gear is so awesome! I get complements everywhere I go!!!
Michelle Jones: This is a great spot for some queen city apparel! Everything looks great and they will crop any shirt for free if you want!
Reece Dorton: Friendly staff, great apparel!
RedefineU Media: Best CLT apparel brand around! It's a mix of new school designs with an old school nostalgic vibe that just feels good to wear. In other words, the name fits well! Not to mention JD is a class act and always goes the extra mile for GDA fans. Highly recommend!
Haley Haberman: the coolest designs and the nicest people!!!
Joan Ellis: Very timely shipping, great quality products and I always receive a handwritten thank you note which is a lovely touch you don鈥檛 see very much anymore
John Alley: Been a fan of this brand since day 1. Shirts are as comfy as it gets. JD is the man!
Nicole Black: Hands down one of my favorite local businesses! New and fresh designs always coming out, super quick shipping, and fantastic customer service! Glory Days and JD are the best!
Brittany Chin: Super fun shirts and the owner is so nice! I stopped by the storefront and wanted a specific shirt but it wasn鈥檛 there at the time. He had it shipped to me and it came the next day! Love supporting local small businesses in Charlotte!
Greg Shovlin: Some of the coolest designs around. Come here to support an awesome local business and artists

6. J.Crew Factory - Charlotte

路 69 reviews

4217 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC 28209, United States

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J.Crew Factory: what do users think?
TINA COUNTISS: cool clothes
Matthew Dattilo: Clean store and very organized. Staff was friendly and helpful. Best J Crew experience I鈥檝e ever had. Other stores need to note!
Delmar Christian: Great deals
Kyng Humble: Blahh
Cheryl: Worth a look if you're in the area but not a destination.
Eric Cunningham: Good customer service was in there with a friend who I met for breakfast at the flying biscuit next door wasn't dressed to go shopping after I left the gym and they still treated me like I had a suit on thank you for the great customer service and not judging me by how I was looking Especially when it is easy to assume.
Linda Hahn: Got some good deals and our sales person was very helpful and enthusiastic. So nice to work with someone who loves her job.
S W: For what it is it's nice. They have quite a large selection for such a tiny store
Jennifer 鈥淛en鈥 Powell: Friendly and efficient staff!
Jaycel Clayton: I wish i can give Cadi a 10 stars. Very nice young lady ,very helpful and professional.
Reuel Enerio: Their deals are so good, it almost drove me bankrupt! Love this store!
Timothy Gosey: Great location, so convenient to get other stuff done in the area.
Hollis Adams: J Crew has great deals. Very easy store to shop in store.
Allie Mehra: Walked into the store for the first time today and was not greeted at all. A sales associate even looked me right in the eye as I walked in, but didn't say a word. As someone who has worked in retail for over 4 years, I found this very unpleasant. Isn't the #1 priority in retail (especially clothing) to greet your customer so they feel seen and appreciated?I'd rather take my business elsewhere.
Brian Doran: Lo p 0p
Donna Miller: I will never step foot in a J. CREW store again. The sales person seemed to feel the need to tell me their pants only go up to a certain size. Well I never asked about the pant sizes but she seem to want to make that a focus of her sales pitch.
Jennifer Luquire: I typically always find several items at a really decent price here, but what is up with the poor customer service? I walked into the store and had no fewer than 5 employees walk by me without a hello or greeting at all. Finally, a male employee said hello and asked if I needed any help about 10 minutes into my visit. While I appreciate not being bombarded with offers of help upon arrival, it wouldn鈥檛 be too much to offer a friendly 鈥渉ello,鈥 would it?
Chelsea Grove: Work at a restaurant in the area and stopped in to check out their selection. Definitely had some great deals BUT customer service was horrendous. Now I don鈥檛 usually shop at J crew. And I definitely don鈥檛 look like I shop at J crew but have been trying to find simple staples for my wardrobe at a decent price. Tried a few things on but wasn鈥檛 a great fit for my body type as I am curvy. The dressing rooms were dirty. And nobody assisted me (asked if I wanted different sizes, made suggestions, or even attempt to upsell) The girl working the register looked at me like I just called her mother a b*&$h. I mean I could almost tangibly feel her disdain. If your looking for somewhere to shop in Park Road shopping center I would definitely suggest the boutiques. Everyone was so nice at the other two shops I went to.
Wendi Elliot: Nice selection, great sales and prices compared to J Crew
Paulette Haw: Big time holiday sale! 60% off markdowns too!

7. J.Crew - Charlotte

路 55 reviews

4400 Sharon Rd Suite 196, Charlotte, NC 28211

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J.Crew: what do users think?
Sam L: Employee vocally complaining about customers coming in in the last hour before closing鈥
Melissa Toro: I came in the other night & was greeted by a warm face with Dominic (sp) & Ed who works the cashier & seems to be in a leadership position was also really helpful. I was even given a Spring discount on top of my purchase because Ed knew I was starting a new career. It may have been something that was already offered on top of my 50% off but it seemed really intentional & thoughtful. Don't let these two go ever, JCREW, & pay these men more please. They deserve it & work in a busy area where we all like our timeless styles. :)Clean store. Smaller & an outlet but perfect to grab something timeless on the go.
Ms chocolate Bae: I love this store . Nice pocketbook, great shirts ( women)
James Hancock: Would not recommend working for their distribution center ,one clifford way Arden NCThough the upper Management may seem nice and proper, there is also an UGLY side to them . My experience with JCrewwas the lowest I have ever felt in my life. I was always bullied by one employee ,mocked by another, a L.P.superviser that would turn his back on the problem just because he didn't want to deal with the issues , and when I would say something about it, I could see the smirks on their faces. They thought it was easier to get rid of me instead of dealing with the real issues at hand. So if your looking for a job here, watch your back and keep your guard up.
Jeff Norris: These people are just rude! I want the clothes but am tempted to just buy online. They act like they are too good to help you
Joel Filardi: Expensive
Mehmet Tumer: Overpriced for the quality.
ten dwilliams: J.Crew is a rare find store. For years, I overlooked because the marketing manican was so conservative which doesn't fit my personal flare and budget. However, I enjoy the location at South Park Mall area. Select items are must have. The team is courteous, warm, and friendly. Prices are super reasonable when on clearance. Thanks to the management team.
Charles J. Brooks: Nice place.
Chris Hickman: Went in to return a pair of shoes that just weren鈥檛 what I expected when I ordered. The guy in a plaid shirt, caramel cardigan and beard with mask took the box from me, scanned it asked for my email and said 鈥測our all set鈥. I went over to look for a blazer and to browse the new stuff and he never once acknowledged my existence. Now for the record EVERYTHING I was wearing was JCrew and yes I love the product! But despise the way I was received and treated. Assuming a key carrier or Manager of some kind that doesn鈥檛 realize that the reason he works and has the job is because of people like me purchasing. So in the future be a bit more friendly.
Kim Pham: I am in front of the store writing a review. I needed to do it because it needed to address this right away.I was only in the store for about 30 seconds, looking for a particular item. The lady (blonde, short and heavy) was in the middle of a conversation with her co-worker. I walked up to her & waited politely without saying anything, so I could let her finish the conversation. She "side-eyed" me and asked if she could help me with anything. I proceeded to show her the picture of what I was looking for, and she decided that they did not have the item in the store. The dismissive demeanor is unnecessary; then she added her "eyes roll" while I was walking away, signaling to her co-worker as if I am such a bother to her while she's at work.Lady, I am going to say this as kindly as possible. Your appearance is not already a bad look to the store; please try to make up for it with your customer service. If you want to engage in a conversation that is not bringing business to your employer, then have it outside of work on your own time. I am sure the company you are working for expect business, and you are doing everything else but that. If anything, you are taking away business with your lack of work ethic. Please excuse yourself; perhaps, the fast-food industry is more fitting for your standard.I wish you improvement in your career. .
Autumn Hanky: Never have I been so aggressively ignored in my life! Lots of conversations amongst the staff and no attention to the paying customers! It鈥檚 truly a shame because I love the brand and I would love to shop in person ,but going forward, I鈥檓 shopping online! I hope if I have any future online returns, I can get in and out quickly!
Arlene V.: Very helpful staff. Clothes nicely organized with all sizes easy to find.
Ali Shu: Dah best spot
Ethan Campbell: JCrew is good.
Dimitri Vaughan: J crew. That鈥檚 it. It鈥檚 just J Crew.! Has a good men鈥檚 collection. Customer service was welcoming and helpful.
Bud Herrick: Good deals at the monent. Effects of C19
Margi Marsh: It's J Crew
Joe 鈥淭he Wine Reviewer鈥 Gori: Great store
jacqueline manigault: Quality has diminished over the years while prices have risen
James Dotson: Great store friendly staff.

8. Carolina Panthers & Charlotte FC Team Store - 3rd Ward

路 583 reviews

800 S Mint St, Charlotte, NC 28202

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Carolina Panthers & Charlotte FC Team Store: what do users think?
Marjie Biddinger: Went to stadium concert there. No one to help you find your entrance to stadium. Very chaotic. If this is your first time like us it makes for a frustrating start to something fun. We drove 400 miles to attend this concert. The plus was they kept up with keeping place clean including bathrooms
Dave: Can you say "expensive"???
Sonya Elliott: Love a good sale! Staff are always pleasant and friendly
Pokegemz: Set nice clean city and stadium
Bobby Scott: Definitely should put on your bucket list!
Logan Andrews: Never had a bad experience here and can always feel the atmosphere walking around!
Nina Joyner: GO CLTFC!!!
Ray: The store has been taken over by the soccer team, I was here 6 years ago and it was amazing the amount of panther stuff. Drove from Wisconsin to spend time in the city to be disappointed in the lack of Panther Pride.
鞝曥潣氙: Now 40% off for some stuffsI got a cap and scaff by 50
BRIAN MCDONALD: Beautiful stadium. Easy to navigate. Not a bad seat in the house. Easy parking great game team sucks
Stephanie Jones: Best stadium and team EVER!!
Cynthia Young: Love it sorry I'm a Panthers Fan...Lol
Joe Eclypse: Extremely busy as is to be expected but the staff was extraordinary! Beyond friendly, welcoming, and professional. They never stopped greeting everyone with a smile, worked tirelessly to stock every item they had available, and answered every question thrown at them. Definitely the most friendly staff I've ever dealt with of the several professional sporting events I've been to. Worth visiting just to interact with the crew!
John Boulding: Love my Panthers!
Jared: The staff was proactive in helping us find what we were looking for. Great experience and great selection of merch.
jeff carnes: Nothing like bank of America stadium..great atmosphere
Clarence Bynum: BOA stadium 馃彑锔 good place to work
L Fulcher: Great experience. Stadium was very nice! Merchandise choices very limited ( buy your Panthers apparel elsewhere. )
edgeisme: Prices are just as high as anywhere else and you can't turn around without running into someone.
Gautam Chhibber: Easy stadium to get to since it's in the city. Would recommend staying at Westin, it was a quick 10min walk. The staff was friendly and easy to navigate around. We didn't park but heard that it's tough to find. Tailgating was alot of fun. They have just enough bars in walking distance. Really like the augmented VR panther
Matt Bonham: Has gone down hill with items available. Was much better in the past.

9. Free People - Charlotte

路 63 reviews

2000 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203

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Free People: what do users think?
Eather Henry: Beautiful store. Interesting merchandise.
Shelby Howell: The products are great but if you have to return an item ordered online, you are screwed. Every time I return an item, I have to beg for a refund or store credit. It should not be this difficult, especially at the price customers pay for the clothing.
Haley W: Today I had one of the best experiences shopping in store. The staff was friendly, helpful, and checked in on me throughout my time there. They gave honest feedback when I asked their opinion, and an absolute delight at checkout! The store was very busy and the staff still made me feel welcomed. Will be back to shop again soon!
Darian Canaan: sheeeeee my girl friend went there she came back to my house looking hot
Taylor Burgess Roach: My go to store. Always well stocked
kimberly hamlin: First time visiting Free people. They had lots of unique items
Wanda Kemp: Didn't purchase anything. Just window shopping. They have some really neat and fashionable pieces of clothing for young women. I will be sure to bring my granddaughter the next time she visits. She'd love this place. Very neat and clean. Sales personnel seemed friendly. Free parking in lot that consists of other stores.
AnneMarie McKean: THE WORST customer service ever! Charged me 3 times for 1 pair of pants, was an exchange but the employee did a return and reorder! I have 3 charges now. NEVER AGAIN WILL I SPEND A DIME ON FREE PEOPLE, MORE LIKE FRAUD PEOPLE
Jolene Frampton: Like the store but couldn't find what I was looking for.
Amy K Bender: Love the staff鈥.so kind, helpful, and fun. Thank you all for your patience and excellent service
Joe 鈥淭he Wine Reviewer鈥 Gori: Great selection
Tamara Lynn: I'm a big fan of Free People, but most likely will not be coming back here again and will just shop online moving forward. The employees were not very helpful, the store was not busy when I came in and no one welcomed or approached me. Paying premium prices for some regular clothes should at least be felt in customer service.
Nicole: Free People has the worst online customer service. I have tried to order the same dress 3 times, the first time my order was canceled by the fraud department, but the company could not give me a reason on why. The second time I purchased the same dress and it went through (size small), however this dress was too big. I tried to go back and order the same dress in a smaller size (size xs) and purchased express shipping to have it here on time for engagement pics, the fraud department canceled my order again. No one from the company contacted me, just sent a cancellation email. When I called customer service they still had no reason on why and would not honor my purchase or shipping. I am extremely disappointed in a company that charges $130 for a dress and does not stand behind what they advertise.
elizabeth williams: My favorite place to shop
Christina Le: The customer service was extremely lacking. I鈥檝e gone into this store a hand full of times and no one really greets you. Two ladies just stay behind the counter. They don鈥檛 smile at all. Not very friendly.
JOSEPHINE: My husband and I came to South End for lunch. I walked into Free People while he did his own thing. Some background, most of my closet is filled with Free People. I love that Bohemian look, Free spirit. I鈥檓 quite familiar that Anthropologie is a sister company etc.I feel as if there may be some ageism going on here. Can鈥檛 say for sure. The employees didn鈥檛 seem very interested in offering help. In fact they said a big hello to a young woman that came in right behind me. I know South End is a younger crowd but please! I did notice a few more Google reviews that complained about the lack of good customer service. I hope they read these reviews and make some positive changes.
Prime Auto: Very overpriced
Madison Hendrix: Had the worst customer experience of my life here. I wandered around the store and was the only person shopping. Multiple times employees walked past me and never said a word, even as I let myself into a fitting room. On my way out someone said have a good night (the first interaction of the entire night) and before I could even say anything the girl yells back 鈥淣O? OK鈥 wee Coming from someone who used to work in retail I will never be back.
Alicia Bonk: Love this store but everything is size small. Even if it fits my large body the size says small...ego booster. Seriously though love the store.
Sarah Winters: Great staff and well stocked. Nice ambiance.
LJ H: This is the only free people in Charlotte but it鈥檚 not even worth going into. Avoid it at all costs. People in this store are so rude. I had to ask three different employees to help me with something. I did so kindly and finally the last employee was helpful but passive aggressive

10. American Eagle Store - Charlotte

路 43 reviews

4400 Sharon Road Space K03b, Charlotte, NC 28211

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American Eagle Store: what do users think?
Juana Martinez: Love American Eagle Store
Latosha Parker: Great sale and awesome customer service
Noelle Bookard: I have no idea what one of the store associates at this location did to the online order I made in store, but she completely messed it up and I never received my items! For a month now I鈥檝e been trying to get my money back and have had 0 luck because of whatever she did. I do not recommend doing online orders in this store! So annoying.
jacqueline cooke: Great helpful staff
T St.: Ein Angebot wie man es von American Eagle erwartet.
Joel Filardi: Convenient
Kathleen Hess: Too expensive!
Dimitri Vaughan: This store is exactly tailored for Teenagers and young adults! It鈥檚 a great vibe and I have shopped at AE for years! Great vibe !
Jonathan Turner: This store has gone down hill. There are young adults cluelessly running the store. I asked to speak to a manager and the manager refused to come from the back to talk to me. Honestly, if you aren't there to work, then find a new job.
Yolanda Brown: I frequent this store often for certain items. This is the second time this week I have witnessed the store manager talk to staff in a condescending way. My daughter actually recorded the incident to protect the two staff member involved in case this manager decide to use her word against theirs for how they were talked to. I also got the names and number of both the staff members. The manage seems new as I have not seen her there before. She needs to be replaced immediately as she lacks skills of a leader. I will also be reaching out to the corporate office,
Kevin Moore: Nichole was super helpful! Will definitely be back soon
K McBryde: Found some great deals
Stetson Griggs: Nothing but skinny Jean's there....
B Norman: Variety of clothing is great
Vannessa Gallardo Ortega: I went here a few weeks and I can honestly say there very friendly and nice . I most impressed with one of the Manager for not giving me a hard time while returning some items I bought online like the other American Eagle in Concord does. Also he also very patient with the young lady at the cashier teaching her to exchange my items and to give me a refund.
Unique SFTB: Did them a favor by bringing to their attention an item in clearance that was not tagged in anyway and could've easily been stolen. I did not want any compensation. I actually bought it from them and the lady at the register didn't even thank me. I enjoy it's convinience but her service could use improvement.
Igor Putin: Ok
Brad Arrowood: Ashley is a great store manager
T Smith: This store appears to be smaller than other AE locations I鈥檝e been to. They are often out of stock of the items I want. However, the service has always been really good. I鈥檝e exchanged items from here multiple times and I have never had an issue! The young men and women at the checkout are friendly and helpful.
Carlos Ivan: Friendly staff, good clothes.
Saurav 鈥淪am鈥 Malla: Friendly staffs but the place is relatively small comparing to other AE stores

11. Burlington - Charlotte

路 297 reviews

8325 Ikea Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28262, United States

Address Website WhatsApp

12. J.Crew Factory - Charlotte

路 69 reviews

5416 New Fashion Way Ste 840, Charlotte, NC 28278, United States

Address Website WhatsApp

13. Target - Midtown

路 708 reviews

900 Metropolitan Ave Ste 2, Charlotte, NC 28204, United States

Address Website WhatsApp

14. DICK'S Sporting Goods - Charlotte

路 296 reviews

4325 Barclay Downs Dr, Charlotte, NC 28209, United States

Address Website WhatsApp

15. Poole Shop - Charlotte

路 8 reviews

4010 Sharon Rd, Charlotte, NC 28211, United States

Address Website WhatsApp

16. Burlington - Charlotte

路 217 reviews

4726 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28217, United States

Address Website WhatsApp

17. Brooks Brothers - Charlotte

路 13 reviews

5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28208, United States

Address WhatsApp

18. Brooks Brothers - Charlotte

路 55 reviews

5506 New Fashion Way Ste 320, Charlotte, NC 28278, United States

Address Website WhatsApp

19. Target - Charlotte

路 381 reviews

9531 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28273, United States

Address Website WhatsApp

20. H&M - Charlotte

路 220 reviews

4400 Sharon Rd, Charlotte, NC 28211, United States

Address Website WhatsApp

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