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Raleigh Little Theatre Marbles Kids Museum Raleigh Act Durant Road Musical Theatre Theatre in the Park Theatre Raleigh

1. Raleigh Little Theatre - Raleigh

· 509 reviews

301 Pogue St, Raleigh, NC 27607, United States

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Raleigh Little Theatre: what do users think?
Michael Meehan: Very enjoyable
Anita Russell: The Outdoors - RLT Gardens, was the location for Exploris Middle School (06/09/2023) Graduation Exercises!!!The Future Class of 2027- has officially exited Middle School 🏫 God willing these up and rising Freshmen will be walking into High School in August/September 2023!!!!Nice location to watch our family members receive their Certificates.Way to Go future leaders!!!!
LORRIE POLIQUIN: The theater is a great place to see small regional shows. The place is clean and the outside gardens are a wonderful place to visit while you wait for the doors to open. My only negative about the place is that the seats are Very hard and uncomfortable to sit in. My suggestion is to bring a cushion.
Deb McNaughton: Hands on a Hardbody is fantastic! Great acting, fun music, a wonderful experience all around!
Smith Chipley: Great play will definitely be going again.
Patricia Parada: Bellas obras teatrales y espacios
Rebecca Poling: My five year old granddaughter had gone to Raleigh Little Theatre on a school field trip. She enjoyed it so much she asked me to take her again. It was fun and unique! The stage setting was bright and colorful, and invited young children to sit on pillows right next to the actors. The message that the characters delivered was to be kind and accepting of others. It was an uplifting experience!
Janice Malcom-Graham: Very hospitable greeters and we enjoyed tge show!
Tori Brock: So fun to have a fun event to go to with my oldest daughter and once my youngest grows up a little more I will definitely take her to shows here as well. Great job Fancy Nancy Musical cast!!
Trutina Maria: Great intimate space to catch a show!
Evan Mullinix: Beautiful outdoor theatre, quality casts and great production.
Polly Rodriguez: Wonderful little show perfectly keyed to the young audience. Great performances by all.
Ann K: Love it.
Jennie Frmdablock: Cozy venue. Went to see the review for African American performances this year. It was great!
Alinda Jones: I drove all the way from Virginia Beach to see my grand daughter play outside and it was awesome as always
Helen Sumrov: Yesterday we attended the 4pm "The Surprising Story of The Three Little Pigs." It was awesome. We all giggled and cheered. We loved how the characters visited us before and after the production. My four year old got signatures on his play bill from all the characters. An hour was the perfect amount of time for little ones. We will definitely be back for future plays.
Charles King: Intimate theatre with large stage. Cast was great, not a bad seat in the house
KAM9- KYRA: Love this place
Steven Mitchell: The staff and volunteers do a wonderful job performing plays and educational opportunities.
Alison Thompson: Great talent! Friends all went to see Pride and Prejudice recently which they incorporated many funny innuendoes and kept the audience engaged.
Heather Marks: Great intimate venue with quality shows

2. Marbles Kids Museum - Raleigh



· 4956 reviews

201 E Hargett St, Raleigh, NC 27601

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Marbles Kids Museum: what do users think?
Jan Polák: Perfect for family time.Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes Price for adult entry $11–15 …More
Kristen Terhune: Visited on Weekday Reservation recommended Yes Price for adult entry $6–10More
Courtney Carlton: We enjoyed our time here, there is a ton of things to do. It was a bit messy, but with so many kids running around, it's hard not to be. Definitely will go again!Visited on Weekday Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended Yes Price for adult entry $11–15 …More
Tausi Kasina: Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended YesMore
Fred Williams: Great place to bring kids. Clean play spaces and plenty to do. Even toddlers will enjoy the areas set aside for younger ones.Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
al eb: Wait time No wait Reservation recommended YesMore
Kailash Patil: Kids loved this place. They could spend the entire day in one floor alone with so many things to do
Neymar: My two kids loved it so much! They have many activities for kids to play. This is a great place to take kids and enjoy. Recommend this place! Also, they have membership that you can purchase:)Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes Price for adult entry $11–15 …More
Kristi W: Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes Price for adult entry $11–15More
Angela Lynch: Visited on Weekend Wait time No waitMore
Gunel HASANOVA: Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes Price for adult entry $6–10More
Zack LeHecka: Marbles is a great place to let your children explore and find out what interests them, maybe even you, though you'll likely be too busy following yours to the nextVisited on Weekend Reservation recommended Yes …More
Jamie R: This has to be the best children’s museum in the world I would assume. I don’t see how any other could be better. There are days worth of things to do for kidsVisited on Weekday …More
K B: Wait time No waitMore
Angela Townes-Yancey: I had the best time along with my husband and our 16, 14, 4 and 2 year old💕
Lori H: Marbles is one of our favorite places to visit. My only complaints are that the paints were empty in the craft area and most of the markers in the car creator area were dried out.
Alexandre Back: Perfeito para crianças de todas as idades.
Motivational Vibe: Great place for kids, lot of choices for kids to spend the all days..

3. Raleigh Act - Raleigh

· 62 reviews

7319 Six Forks Rd, Raleigh, NC 27615, United States

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Raleigh Act: what do users think?
Joshua Mcdowell: Child did an acting trackout camp here. She loved the experience and we will definitely do it again!
Allen Bailey: BEST EVER
Chris Stanford: Simply awesome. Ms Blair and Ms Paula bring out the best in the children. Highly recommended.
Lucy Real: I have been coming here since I was seven It is one of the best theater class companies I've ever seen! I 100 percent recommended it!
Alan Falk: Wonderful performances, great staging, superb staff and talented performers!
Claire: Super friendly and Very fun! Very friendly environment and the people and atmosphere are amazing!
Hani Khawaja: Great place
Robert Troy: What a Great place . My Daughter loves the school ,the environment and all the Staff ... Highly Recommended
Maya Gross: This place changed my life. If you have an energetic or theater loving kid bring them here because the kind directors will not only teach your kids the basics of theater, but how to work as a team and be kind to others.
Zaneta Freeman: I went to see my six year old nephew perform. They did a modernized version of Snow White, and they did AWESOME! Tickets were only five dollars, but I would've gladly paid more. Fantastic job Raleigh ACT!
Vivian Nehrenz: My niece was in a production of singing in was fantastic! The kids were great. I love coming to see the performances it's like mini Broadway.
Mike Taylor: Great local place to watch a show
Jela Ok: Not sure
Scott Simmons: My daughter really enjoyed her track out camp here. The performance at the end of the week was truly impressive.
Carlo Matos: They added a light menu (600 calories or less). Great add! Would be great if they extend the calorie count to all menu items.
Brian Kemerait: Great acting school
April Miller: I continue to be so grateful for our decision to join RaleighACT. My children have thrived here and learned so much --- including how to care well for your friends and be a team player. Parent after parent I interact with after classes all praise Miss Blaire and Miss Paula's creative input and care for their children. We just LOVE RaleighACT!!
Kim Collins: Raleighact offers more than auditions, rehearsals, and shows. Your children will grow into hard workers all while having fun. Great Joy in seeing my daughters growth since her first introduction to Ms Blaire and Ms Paula! She is learning life skills that will be with her always.
1stMom: Not good for children under 10 -- they get overlooked.
Maddie Atwater: The kids learn so much. All children's are given an opportunity to shine. The teachers are all so amazing and so caring !!!!!! Best thing about our move to N.C.!!!!!
Keith Graves: My daughter had such a wonderful experience at acting camp last week! There was so much love and support and encouragement from the staff ... and we were so impressed with the play at the end of the week. We will definitely be signing up for another camp!

4. Durant Road Musical Theatre - Raleigh

· 50 reviews

8471 Garvey Dr Suite #111, Raleigh, NC 27616

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Durant Road Musical Theatre: what do users think?
Joe DeLangie: It was a great acting experience for my daughter!
Corinne McCain: I sadly can’t recommend doing shows here if you are more casual about theatre. Basically, it seemed that if you weren’t willing to be on any of the theatre teams for whatever reason, it was very unlikely you will ever get a big role. Even after I had gone to Durant road for multiple shows, it seemed Mrs. Dina could never remember me or my parents. Mrs. Dina could be really passive aggressive at times as well. Unless you’re willing to sell your soul to theatre, don’t go here.
Heather Allenby: Sadly I can’t recommend this business to anyone. The employees and the kiddos are very nice but unfortunately the owners feel it is appropriate to bully a child when they are given negative feedback they don’t like. After sharing a safety issue with the owner and watching her throw a toddler size tantrum yelling and dramatically causing a scene, I assumed I caught her at a bad time. The issue was never resolved bc I wasn’t allowed to talk. After the following two days of camp, my son shared multiple occasions where he was shamed publicly, isolated from the other kids and embarrassed all bc the owner didn’t like his parent. My child was innocent and not involved but the severe lack of professionalism and maturity of the owner clearly showed through the passive aggressive manner she tried to hurt a child. Luckily for us, our child’s resilience and maturity far surpass the owners and was aware that she was projecting her not liking negative feedback into him. If you plan to tell the owners how wonderful they are and throw a ton of money at them, I’m sure it will be fine. Just keep any concerns to yourself until your child is no longer in their care.Added- “can’t please the parent”? I wasn’t looking to be pleased. Safe and kind was all we needed. Which we had until you were given negative feedback. Then my child was bullied by the owner. Shamed and bullied the last two days. My history of reviews is maybe 5 total in my life and only two negative. Nice try to deflect back on me. I only leave a negative review if it has been an experience that causes harm to others.
Dance Etc.: I have been working with Ms. Debbie and DRMT for 17 years. She is professional, energetic and committed to offering her students an excellent experience in the Theater. We are grateful for her generous service to the Raleigh Theatre Arts community! Thank You DRMT!
Jakob Harvey: Absolutely love everyone there, they always try and make the theatre a very kind and accepting place! 100% recommended!
Gene Parker: Durant road musical theater is a great place to go. You make friends, dance, sing, and act.
Ursula Furnas: i look forward to coming here evey week. Its great for people with tons of experince but its also great for people with none!
Crystal Dickens Realtor: DRMT is truly the place “where your kid can go to be in a show”. Every child has an opportunity to shine and grow! It has been a game changer for my kids’ confidence and they have made friendships that will last forever !
Shannon Young: I'm 9 years old and going to Durant Road Musical Theatre for the first time. It is such a fun place we get to learn really cool dances and we learn fun songs too. Mrs. Dina is super funny, Christoper is goofy and Mr. Dean does a great job teaching us songs. Mrs. Debby is so sweet and I am learning so much about theater.
Presley Emory: I had my first camp at Durant Road this week and I loved it so much, The atmosphere felt like everyone Welcoming and energetic.whenever you walked into the room everyone was laughing and having fun.the teachers are super nice and it’s fast moving but it’s not too fast
Madilynn S: DRMT IS THE BEST!! Love the directors and actors! The best theatre experience you can get in the area!
Amelia Nilles: I love coming here!! Everyone here is kind and amazing and always work to make this experience the best for everyone. Our music director is the best.
Eden Gallagher: SO AMAZING!!!
Charlotte Dickens: Mr. Dean is our music director. He is very talented and strives for perfection! I love doing theatre here!! Such a good environment. We have the best directors and choreographer. Thank you DRMT!
Avery P: Mr Dean is the Best and I couldn’t love this theater more
Susanna: MR DEAN and all the staff are so kind!!
Caroline Frampton: I have been going to their summer camp for 5 years now and every experience i’ve had has been such a good one! Everyone is so supportive and kind and I always grow as an actor and person!
Carson Ohrel: Amazing place ryan pit’cha
Ainsley Barlow: I love going to Durant Road Musical Theatre! The staff there is the best!!
Ryan Hodgin: Super fun!
Riley Washburn: I have had so much fun, Mr Dean is the best!!
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5. Theatre in the Park - Raleigh

· 108 reviews

107 Pullen Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607, United States

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Theatre in the Park: what do users think?
Don Sears: Good local theatre with a nice variety of productions each year. Definitely a nice way to spend an evening.
Renu Jain: We watched a Justice Theatre play. Good audio and seating. Ample parking
Sandy Gregory: Ira David Wood at his best playing Sir Walter Raleigh! The cast was exceptional!
Forrest Mason: Awesome little blackbox/thrust theatre doing really great work! Not a bad seat in the house and the performances never disappoint. Would highly recommend checking out whatever is currently on stage there.
Lori Fenty: Saw Forbidden Broadway’s Greatest Hits. So funny, great performers/singers. Loved the show. Looking forward to seeing more shows.
Mitch Morgan: Saw Forbidden Broadway and was amazed at the level of talent by our locals. Very good show. Nice intimate venue.
Dianne Creech: Everything IRA David Wood lll touches is magical. Love love love. IRA David Wood lV has his Father's talents. Theatre in the Park rocks
Noah Heck: Certainly not what I expected for a family outing to see the holiday classic, "A Christmas Carol" at a fantastic facility such as DPAC. Three stars only because the performers did excellent work and the set was very well done. I felt as though Scrooge did not connect with the audience and the rendition was not a good one, something the cast cannot control.Further, forcing political nonsense and pop culture down our throats while trying to enjoy an evening to escape those very topics is in poor taste, at best.I'd be surprised if many (or any) in attendance came to hear your opinions, especially at that price which was a $300 evening for a family of 4.Hardly a classic and no reason to see it again under this direction.
Cory D: The wife and I go to the theater to escape. Not to be browbeat with your political views. You should list something as political satire on Ticketmaster, so that the situation could be avoided. The Christmas Carol was a true waste of $160. I felt the same way this summer when we went to a concert that turned into a right-wing political speech. At least let me know that you're going to lecture me so I don't waste my money
Toler Shore: One of the worst shows I have ever seen. Made it way too political, was good to see alot of people left early last year like myself. Keep it to the story, not that hard.
Allison Hardin: Great place to see a show. Comfy chairs, close to actors.
Claire Krzywinski: Evan Rachel Wood was outstanding in The Father. What an experience!
Michael Miller: Great play... great venue
Two Dense: Get rid of those damn digital programs. A scanner cost me 39.95 without my permission and then didn't work!!!
Kirstie Spadie: Theatre trifecta with the Wood Family dynasty seeing The Father. Really enjoyed returning to live theatre at Theatre in The Park. Ira David Wood and Evan Rachel Wood superb acting, brilliantly directed by son, Ira David Wood, gorgeous set design in the black box space. The Father runs through Aug 21. Don’t miss it. One of the best live theatre companies in Raleigh with devoted theatre fans!
Jinmei Xu: We loved our experience here. The show was well made. All the actresses were great performers. The theater has a intimate seating -- no bad seats.
Justin Credible: Chairs were very comfortable for sitting long periods of time. I suggest bringing a soft cushion to sit on. The particular play we saw was very entertaining. We will be attending another play soon but we will be better prepared next time.
Darryl Cady: Always great theater, enjoy everytime we go ( members )
Gilly Conklin: Fun show and great cast! Nancy Rich sure knows how to pick em.
Kevin Rumsey: Excellent venture
Robert Baxter: This was our first time back in a while. I forgot how enjoyable it was to sit in a theater and just be entertained. Thank you.

6. Theatre Raleigh - Raleigh

· 55 reviews

6638 Old Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh, NC 27616

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